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Mosaic envisions a world where people with disabilities thrive as valued participants in their communities.

In order to make this happen, we use a program called Mosaic Allied Voices, which utilizes volunteers to promote public awareness of disability issues, to advocate for equality, and to advance sustainable strategies that shape public policy.

Volunteers partner with Mosaic leadership to develop and implement the national legislative agenda, as well as influence and impact state agendas.

Mosaic Allied Voices (MAV) volunteers call or email elected officials in response to alerts from the Mosaic Governmental Affairs Office.

The alerts contain brief, specific information about the issue and offer a suggested message for MAV volunteers to use if they are uncertain of what to say in their own words. The time commitment is minimal.

All you need is an email address. Visit www.mosaicallied to sign up today!

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From Our Executive Director
Title: Forward in Faith in the next century of service
Picture: ‘ED and CRM’ and ‘Group shot of ’70s day’
Caption: Hear what the Executive Director of Mosaic says about recent news with community.
Story Name: Employee Campaign 2016, Standing in the Gap

The theme this year for our Employee Campaign was, 'Standing in the Gap '. We kicked off the campaign on…

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