Moscrop Hallway Assignment

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I sat near the window as a pop of orange then a strand of yellow started to appear. They gradually wove together in intricate patterns leaving a trail of light behind for the sun. The concoction of colours slowly revealed the barren world filled with nothing but white snow, sprinkled on its landscape. The sun followed pursuit of the blend of colours as it began its journey to the skies. Its rays penetrated through the windows bringing warmth that seeps into me along with the cold, frigid air of the Canadian winter. I would stay still to admire the view until the trance was broken by the familiar pressure of the student’s feet on my back. A hallway is like the colours and the students are the sun. I am the path way that the students follow to get to wherever they need to go, without me they would be lost. If you pass by the hallways of Moscrop Secondary, you would notice the dull walls with paper flyers stuck to it and the grey and red lockers permanently attached to it. You would look up and see an abundance of paintings of flags and pictures exuding positive messages and you would think it was nice, just nice. Then you would continue on your way not even noticing the floor you stand on that made it possible for you to view the dull walls and the paintings on the ceiling, not even a glance. Well, that’s alright, people tend to over look me as just something to stand on but you don’t see it the way I do. The way I view things, is that I am the pillar that supports the walls

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