Moser's A History Of Sexuality In America

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1 ) Moser helps to shed light on sexuality by defining imperative elements of sexuality: sexual identity is how individuals identify themselves, sexual interest is what an individual finds attractive in doing, sexual behavior is what an individual actually does. Moser and his defining of sexuality is done so in an attempt to help society to understand the changed complex concept of sexual orientation. Many different concepts of sexuality has been coined in recently like asexuality, pedophilia, polyamory, genderqueer, cisgender, intersex, gender neutral, pansexual and many more supported by the LGBTQ community. Moser goes into stating that sexual orientation is determined at birth or before puberty and is fully formed in adulthood because hormonal…show more content…
John D’Emilio and Estelle Freedman wrote “A History of Sexuality in America” in the published book Intimate Matters. This source exposes the turning point in history where the definition of sexuality changed; the main practice of sexuality altered from primarily procreation or marriage to the definition of a relationship that was of emotional intimacy and physical…show more content…
Susan Gardner, a consultant and professor in human resources management, and Pamela Johnson, also a professor of management, and writes about workplace violence and explain what sexual harassment. They explain sexual harassment through a legal perspective that healthcare workers should be aware of what is sexual harassment and to have people form equal pay. It describes how there are two different types of sexual harassment; Quid pro quo, which something is exchanged for something else, and the hostile work environment, where someone does inappropriate posters and sexual innuendos. Gardner and Johnson describe a 1998 case in which gave nurses the opportunity to file actions when they are being sexually harassed. This includes verbal and sexual sayings that make one feel uncomfortable as well as nonverbal behaviors are all deemed as sexual harassment and employers are encouraged to speak up upon these actions so that they are working in a safe and enjoyable work environment. This article includes how the American Nurses Association (ANA) formed a position to eliminate sexual harassment. It proposed that healthcare institutions need to educate their workers on how serious sexual harassment truly is. This article stresses that sexual harassment does not just happen to nurses but as well as women

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