Moses And The Old Testament

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Zach Heidel
Mrs. Hunter
Old Testament 9-1
17 September 2015
Moses is one of the most important if not the most important person in all of the book of Exodus and the Old Testament. Moses is a very important person in the book of Exodus because he helps the people of Israel escape Egypt and commits to a new covenant between God and the nation of Israel. This new covenant between God and Israel promises a land flowing with milk and honey if they obey God 's laws and commandments. In turn Moses leads the people of Israel through a long journey to the place in which they call the promise land. This is why Moses was such an important person in God 's plan for the nation of Israel. Moses was life is very important
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But Moses complains that he is not the right person and he should find someone else and that such a burden cannot be handled because of his speech issues. Finally, God replies that he will send his brother Aaron to assist him. Then Moses again doubts God and says what if Israel doesn 't believe me? Then God tells Moses to tell Israel that "I am has sent me to you"(ESV Bible, Exodus 3:14). Shortly after this Moses leaves with his family to go to Egypt. I believe this teaches us no matter what we do or what happens to us God still is still going to use us in his plan. Upon Moses arrival with his brother Aaron they went to pharaoh and performed all of the miraculous signs including up to the 10 plagues but pharaoh was ignorant and hardened his heart against God. Although, the last plague which became the first Passover for the Israelites pharaoh let the Israelites go because his first born son had been killed. Then Moses leads the people of Israel out of Egypt but pharaoh hardens his heart again and decides to pursue after the Israelites. Now, the people of Israel come to the Red Sea where Moses raises his staff and splits the Red Sea and the Israelites walk on dry land but the pursuing Egyptian army his engulfed by the Red Sea. After this, time has passed and the people of Israel have been wandering in the desert for forty years because of their unfaithfulness to
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