Moses Final Days Research Paper

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Moses' Final Days The life of Moses is highly instructive from many standpoints. We have been thinking together about various aspects of the life of Moses, and we have seen that even his birth and his early years were years of great value, not only from the standpoint of what God was going to do with his life, but from the standpoint of instruction for us. The interesting thing is that not only were the early days of Moses instructive for us, and not only were the details of his life as a young man and as an adult instructive for us, but even his death carries with it some important instruction for us. Today we want to think about the several passages in the Scripture that deal with the final days of Moses. There is no one passage that describes…show more content…
These were men who had seen God work the plagues in Egypt. These were the men who had seen God roll back the Red Sea. They looked at the kind of fortifications that were there. They looked at all the human aspects of it and they said, and they think they can’t do it because it will be the end of their lives if they try. Notice what happened in chapter 14 where everybody talks about Moses and Aaron, as Moses' frustration continues. Here the people whom God had delivered in specific answer to their prayer and delivered in miraculous ways, looked at the difficulty and said, “Would to God that we had never left Egypt. Would to God we had never even asked God to get us out of that slavery. Let's elect somebody to take us back.” This was the kind of frustration that Moses and his Aaron have to face in his final days. Moses knew exactly where God wanted them to be, and he makes sure they were doing exactly what God had told them to do. God said, “You wait out here in the desert for a few days while the spies go in and look the land over, and then I am going to lead you in there.” God knew those cities were there. God knew those giants were there, and He deliberately let the spies find it out so the problem was not with the circumstances and the problem was not with God, the problem was in the reaction of the people to the circumstances and in the reaction of the people to
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