Moses vs Abraham

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In the Old Testament, Abraham and Moses were two very prominent leaders chosen by God to do his will. Throughout Genesis and Exodus, both men play important roles in fulfilling God's will. They are put to many tests, given covenants, and communicate constantly with God. Although they have many similarities such as being leaders and men of God, there are also many differences between the two.
In terms of leadership, Abraham was a noble leader. Although he grew up in a camp where the notion of one God was not accepted, he eventually manages to become the leader of a tribe and make the people believe in his faith. He leads them around endlessly from Ur to Canaan, to Egypt, then back to Canaan. His tribe followed him around without much
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And although they received similar covenants, they received it in a different way. When Abraham received his, he got it through prayer. This seems to be dominant during Abraham's days as a leader. He communicated with God mostly thought prayer. When he asked God for advise on what to do about Hagar and her son, he does it though prayer. When he asked God about the wicked city of Sodom, he did it in prayer. And finally
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