Mosh Song Analysis

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Yousif Sehwail 24336 MCM 102/Sec. #2 Dec 14, 2010 Critical Evaluation 998 The Failure of the American Presidency "Mosh" by Eminem is a protest song that was released in 2004 before the presidential election. The word "Mosh" itself refers the aggressive behavior in which audience members or fans react in a live music performance. The song is taken from the album Encore and was produced by Ian Inaba of GNN TV; Guerrilla News Network, a private website and television production company in which its goal is to expose people into global issues. In this paper, I will be analyzing the song's video and lyrics in terms of its historical and cultural influence on the audience as well as the medium it was produced in.…show more content…
Also, at the end of the video, everyone comes together, regardless of their problems they have with each other, as angry protagonists marching to the congress. Such a message is presented to the audience in a song form is nevertheless because the record company seeks to generate its own profit. On the other hand, the audience likes to receive such a political or social message in a form other than a poem or a speech heard on TV. The genre of the song "Rap or Hip-Hop" allowed the message to be interpreted perfectly and at the same time, the audience, even those who are not concerned about political or social issues to like it as well. The stage of development of the song is mainly specialized. The song "Mosh" is found in Eminem's album Encore that includes other songs with different messages but the main function of the album is to entertain the audience. In conclusion, I have talked in details the historical as well as the cultural influence of the song "Mosh". I also talked about the medium in which "Mosh" took place and the function or the message of it. The song's success was not only due to its well- rhythm and bass, but also due to its lyrics and the music video of it. Eminem's prior songs were adopted by audience who loves hip-hop music and found Eminem to be a great artist in that filed. However, for "Mosh", Eminem has expanded his audience to those who like to hear and
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