Mosley Street Melodrama Concert Report

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The name of the group that I went to see was the Mosley Street Melodrama group that performed High School Melodrama. The date I went was July 15th 2017 at 7:50 pm. The venue was a oblong rectangular room with the stage positioned toward the middle of the long side. The tables were covered in a hard plastic with tears in most of them. The building however was in Old Town Wichita, where there is beautiful brick architecture and roads. The behavior of the majority of the audience was slightly intoxicated and a very chill vibe that of wanting to have a good time. The audience was dressed very casually. The actors however were dressed in hilariously outdated costumes during the performance. But later on in the night they all changed into tuxedos and the girls changed into black and red dresses. The composition or song that I liked the most was their through the ages comical review. In this segment they basically sang karaoke. The song that I remember they all sang was start of something new, I enjoyed the Harmony and how all the actors voices came together. Throughout the rest of the concert they sang “we’re all in this together” and “there ain't no stopping us”. I wouldn't say that this was the best performing I have ever seen it was rather raunchy and unprofessional. I suppose that's what you…show more content…
It was different than other concerts I’ve been to because the actors were ordinary people that are pursuing a career of acting. I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and also the comical relief that it gives you to be there with your friends and family. In class we listen to more classical music, this concert was more modern and had very little to compare with the material we’ve covered in class. This experience showed the importance of music in the average person's life, whether it's classical or modern, music plays an important role in everyone's
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