Mosque And The Tower Of The Mosque

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Mosques are found all over the world. In addition to worship, mosques can be used for education and information. A main feature of the mosque is the domed roof. The domed roof has two functions: it is positioned over the prayer hall to allow the air to circulate and it helps to amplify the voice of the imam so he can be heard by everyone in the mosque. The star and crescent is also a major feature because it is the symbol of Islam and is the only external way to show that the building is a mosque. The architecture of the mosque depends on when the mosque was built. For example, in medieval times, mosques had a large open courtyard at the entrance and a hole in the wall of the prayer hall to show the direction of Mecca. In Baghdad, the hole would be to the west; but in Jerusalem, the hole would be to the south. Many mosques have minarets, which are tall towers and are found usually in the corners of the mosque. Minarets are used for the call to prayer, azan.
Before entering the mosque, worshippers perform wudu, [which is the washing of the hands, arms, feet, ankles, head and neck]. Even if visitors are not there to pray, shoes are not allowed in the carpeted area. Men are supposed to come to the mosque wearing loose and clean clothes that don’t show the shape of the body. It is the same for women as they are expected to wear loose clothing that cover the body to the wrists and ankles. When praying, the worshippers cover their heads with a cap or scarf.
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