Moss and Mcadams Accounting Firm

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Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm
Tyrone Adaway
BUS 517 Project Management
Dr. Flores
April 20, 2012

1. Explain how you would respond if you were Bruce at the end of the case.
I would be furious beyond belief; I would feel very disrespected and unappreciated by the company at the end of this case. To be forced to work with a subpar team member for several months who had shown poor performance and cause my project to run behind, only to then be told that not only were they going to remove him from my project and leave me shorthanded it was him who got to make the decision.
My response to Sands would be one that expressed my concern for the image that may be presented by allowing this to be the way that business is conducted. Since
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- Strong project focus: M&M core business was auditing, however in order to achieve their strategic objective to grow their consultancy business by 40%, this shifted their focus to being more strategic oriented rather than operational.
- Flexible: This was seen where functional support staff was also assigned to projects more strategic in nature as in the case of Olds.
- Dysfunctional conflict: This situation was evident between Crosby and Palmer who operated from the strategic and operational sides respectively. Tensions arose between the two due to the inability to compromise over sharing resources and work out their differences.
- Infighting: This occurred where Olds expertise was being shared on a both a functional and project level. Crosby felt his project was more important which resulted in him demanding more time from Olds and infringing upon the time when the employee should be working on the other project with Palmer.
- Stressful: This situation was evidenced when Olds complained of feeling stressed out as the demands of reporting to two bosses started taking a toll on him and his family at home.
- Slow: As a result of having to share staff over multiple projects, some projects are delayed as was the case with Palmer and the Johnsonville audit he was in charge of due to the situation with Olds and the delay
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