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Explain how you would respond if you were Palmer at the end of the case.

Based on the scenario, it is completely obvious that everyone wanted their team to be powerful and for everything to work in their favor. Ideally, this happens in the business world. The situation between Palmer and Crosby could have been handled differently based on the experience needed in order to complete projects on both ends. In addition, the parties involved could have handled things differently in order to maximize time and resources while maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. At the end of the case I believe that Palmer felt as if he was cheated because he did not receive the full potential of Olds. However, this issue could have been
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It is apparent that one project was going to take precedence over the other because of his experience. In order to avoid losing Olds, Palmer could have been more aggressive and left an open communication channel with Sands, Olds and Crosby.
Olds was placed in a predicament on what was more important or more intriguing, he allowed for incentives to wager over his work ethic. Keeping Olds when he was working on both projects may have also been achieved by being communicative with Olds. By communicating the importance of his work ethic, his knowledge and the importance of his work in this project could have allowed for him to devote more of his time to the project. In addition, Palmer could have communicated with Olds about his concerns once he learned that he would be involved with two projects and his time scheduling.
Lastly, offering more incentives to Olds would also have been effective because it would have showed Olds that he was appreciated for his work and the fact that he is putting forth great effort because of the time restriction. Although incentives would have been a great effort by Palmer, it should be understood that project management is more conductive and successful when the structure and culture are structured with clarity of its objectives (Gray, 2008).
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a matrix type organization that are apparent
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