Most Common Means Of Suicide Among Military Veterans

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Active Duty Service Members. Traditionally, the U.S. military has faced lower suicide rates compared to their civilian counterparts. However, the suicide rate among active duty military personnel has increased in the last decade, almost doubling in the Army and Marine Corps. Unlike the low active duty suicide rates of Vietnam, OEF/OIF active duty suicide rates are at near record highs (McCarl, 2013). Once again, it is believed that multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan is one of the culprits of this staggering statistic. Since operations has begun in the Middle East in 2001 through 2011, there have been 2,810 military personnel who have committed suicide while on active duty (McCarl, 2013). Suicide by Firearms. Firearms are the most common means of suicide among military veterans. Among male veterans, 84% of completed suicides involved firearms, compared to 55% among nonveterans (Kaplan et al., 2009). Firearm suicide rates were highest among veterans aged 18 to 34 and those aged 65 years and older. Firearm suicide rates among veterans aged 18 to 34 years was a staggering 150% higher than that of their civilian counterparts (Kaplan et al., 2009). Kaplan et al. (2009) has found that 75% of military veterans report that they own a firearm, of those individuals 59% have considered using a firearm to complete suicide, and 38% had loaded a firearm with suicide in mind while intoxicated (p. 503). Women Veterans. Women now make up a significant number of the…
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