Most Common Type Of Depression

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People with depression are often times suffering from a chemical misbalance in the brain, lacking in either their dopamine or serotonin levels, which in result, leads to people suffering from depression to feel the sadness they do. Depression is a disorder and takes on many different forms. The first and most common type of depression is called major depression, which is considered to be, “severe symptoms that interfere with your ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and enjoy life. An episode can occur only once in a person’s life but more often, a person has several episodes” (Depression). Major depressive disorder is measured in terms of mild, moderate, and severe. Mild to moderate major depression can be explained in the following…show more content…
Still, people are not content with the changes to these drugs; they are still experiencing inhabilitating side effects, some are not experiencing any benefits at all from these drugs. For people suffering from major depressive disorder who are not content with the antidepressants alone or are seeking alternative options there is hope.
If suffering from major depression it is well advised by many doctors to consider going to psychotherapy. “There are many different types of psychotherapy, called modalities, which are used to treat depression. Each of these modalities works in a slightly different way, but all have been proven to help improve the symptoms of depression” (Ciechanowski). The different modalities of psychotherapy include: cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal psychotherapy, family and couples therapy, problem solving therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and supportive psychotherapy.
Psychotherapy should be attended by anyone suffering from any forms of depression, because of the wide range of different types of psychotherapy options,
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