Most Companies Today Have Changed Their Marketing Techniques.

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Most companies today have changed their marketing techniques. Instead of focusing on all potential buyers out in the market, which is called “mass marketing,” they began to implement the use of “target marketing,” which is where companies focus on specific group of consumers that have the highest potential for the company to make a profit. In target marketing, there are four steps that the company must undertake, to design a consumer driven marketing technique. The first two steps involve the company the selecting potential consumers to target on. The first step is called “market segmentation,” and the second step is called “market targeting.” The last two steps involve the company deciding on how to create specific products for their…show more content…
Whether that person has an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree, Brooklyn College should start encouraging these college graduates to pursue a higher degree. Enticing them with the promise of getting a higher pay, once surpassing the educational requirement for their job, increasing their chances of getting a promotion, and increasing the likelihood of their sons and daughters pursuing a higher education themselves. By selecting groups that already have a college degree, Brooklyn College could depend less on newly high school graduates, and more on advancing graduate students’ education. What Brooklyn College could also do is to target individuals based on their gender. Brooklyn College could promote classes that teach about the struggles that women face thought each generation, starting from the founding of the United States, all the way up to our present time. Thus, encouraging women to enroll in Brooklyn College to learn about the different struggles that they had. Brooklyn College could also promote classes that involve the history of the making of different companies that men are usually attracted to, which include automobiles and motorcycles. By promoting classes that each gender might be interested in learning, they would increase their
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