Most Effective Whitening Soap: Gluta or Kojic

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We are now in a modern world. There is no possible in our high technology devices if we talk about beauty. But not only devices can renew an individual beauty. Our market such as beauty products is enhanced.

Experts’ beautician developed different kinds of product that can rejuvenate us. One of those is the whitening soaps. They are formulated to answers the demand of the Filipino people. A lot of whitening soaps are produced in the market. Glutathione and Kojic are one of their products. They are proven and tested of some Filipino.


Glutathione has one particular effect on the body that is often seen as an unwanted side effect. Glutathione is an inhibitor of melanin in the
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In this study we are going to give importance to their differences. To be guided in preferences for the said product. Also to have information in how they work in our skin as our whitening soap.

Scope and Limitation

Since we are studying at Surigao Education Center, we prefer Bachelor of Business Administration student in this institution to be our respondents in this study. We can gather information easily for they can cooperate and help us complete our study. They are capable enough to answers our questions and give us facts data based on their experiences and observation for they are at the right age. This study only has a short term period for one semester.



In our research, questionnaire is our instrument in gathering data. The questionnaire contains a checklist in which the respondents have to answer whether they are using Kojic and Gluta. Respondents have to reason out the effect of Gluta or Kojic to their skin. For respondents that are not using Kojic or Gluta they can choose whitening soap and explain how it effect.

We distributed it to our respondents, the BS in Business Administration students of College in Business Education Department. There are 14 students from First Year, 24 students from Second Year, 14 students from Third Year, 16 students from Fourth Year.

The data being collected from the
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