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Most famous work
Edward Witten is most known for proving the string theory using a mathematical equation. Werner Heisenberg’s research in 1943 became the base from which the string theory grew from. Yoichiro Nambu, Holger Bech Nielsen, and Leonard Susskind first had the idea of string theory in 1970, but the scientific community lost interest quickly. Due to the discovery of quantum chromodynamics, John. H Schwarz and Joel Scherk where able to study boson (elementary particle) patterns and found that they acted as strings and that their properties matched graviton (elementary particle). This discovery led to the bosonic string theory, which was the first string theory that is still taught to students as they are starting to understand the
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Witten is also known for his mathematical achievements. Witten was the first physicist ever to win the Fields medal; one of his more known contributions to the mathematics field was his ability to understand the Jones polynomial. These are only a few of the countless contributions Witten has made to science and mathematics.
MacArthur fellowship (1982)
Dirac Medal (1985)
Albert Einstein Award (1985)
Fields Medal (1990)
Henri Poincare Prize ( 2006)
Alan T. Waterman Award (1995)
Dannie Heineman Prize (1998)
Nemmers Prize (2000)
Harvey Prize (2005)
Crafoord Prize (2008)
Lorentz Medal (2010)
Isaac Newton Medal (2010)
Fundamental Physics Prize (2012)
Witten was born in Baltimore Maryland on August 26th 1951. His father Lorraine Witten was also a theoretical physicist who specialized in gravitation. Witten then went on to attend park school of Baltimore and received his Bachelor of Arts, after this he went on to get a major in history and a minor in linguistics from Brandeis University. He then attended Princeton University where he got his PHD in physics. Witten married Chiara Nappi who is a professor at Princeton University and also has her PHD in physics. Witten has three children and one grandchild.
Interesting Information:
Steven Hawking stated that Edward Witten’s M-theory might be the ultimate theory of the universe. The most interesting fact about my dead physicist is that he is
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