Most Historians Believe That Mesopotamia

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Most historians believe that Mesopotamia, meaning “between the rivers” in Ancient Greek, is the oldest urban civilization in history. Life in Mesopotamia is thought to have begun over 6000 years ago. Mesopotamia is nick-named The Cradle of Civilization because of its development of inventions, culture, class structure, and judicial system. What was Mesopotamia? Mesopotamia is believed to be the first urban civilization in the history of the Earth. Mesopotamia was the delta between two rivers which were the Tigris and the Euphratesi. Many different peoples lived in Mesopotamia, those were the Sumerians, Akkadiams, Babylonians, the Kassites and Hittites, and the Assyriansii. Out of those, the Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia the longest. Mesopotamia was located in the best part of the world to get its contributions to modern society spread out. Mesopotamia was ultimately ended by the Persians in 539 B.C.E. after taking over Babyloniii. What were Mesopotamia 's inventions? People in Mesopotamia developed inventions that are very important to human life today. The most important invention to modern civilization that the Mesopotamians made is the wheeliv. In fact it was the Sumerians that originally made the wheel. Without the wheel we would not have as effective transportation of goods, letters, and people. We also would not have things like generators, motors, effective agriculture, etc. We would basically still be walking or riding on horseback everywhere, maybe we would
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