Most Important Drug Discoveries Ever Made

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Antibiotics or antimicrobial agents are known to be one of the most important drug discoveries ever made. It has transformed the expanding field of medicine in various ways. Be it as curative efforts for diseases, empirical treatments for clinically diagnosed ailments or preoperative medications, they have known to be miraculous drugs. Exceptional scientific histories of the development of these medications are valuable in showing us the variety of its actions on the bacterial cell wall biosynthesis and at the level of intracellular metabolism of bacteria.
Antimicrobial agents induce bacterial cell death by interactions between a drug fragment and proteins on bacteria. It can act on very specific stages of bacteria (Briand, 1978). Widely speaking, most antimicrobial agents can be classified in a variety of ways. It can be classified based on purely the chemical structure such as polypeptides, acyclic or glycosides. Other than that, it can also be divided based on its source: synthetic, semi-synthetic or natural forms. Another form of its division is based on its spectrum of activity, making it broad or narrow spectrum or based on the type of organism its effective against, such as gram positive, gram negative, aerobes or anaerobes species. An essential classification is based on its function on bacterial cell replication and also based on its type of actions, whether causing an effect on cell growth or directly cell demise. These two imperative classifications will be
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