Most Important Piece Of Communication

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Important Issues in the Organization
After reviewing the case study, the single most important piece of communication in the collection of calls, memos and letters is the letter from Sally J. Rinehold of the Multigreen Assets Foundation. The letter states that a member of the professional staff requested a $21,000 for research when the Multigreen Assets Foundation already pledged a grant two years ago for capital improvements. Rinehold mentions a few facts in the letter that cause concern for both the structure of the professional staffing of the Loquium Institute and where the initial grant money went. The Multigreen Assets Foundation has not received any updates on the progress of the capital project and it is apparent that staff have
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(find support in text about reading staff for capital campaigns/annual funds).
First Order of Business
Due to the fact the president of the Loquium Institute is out of town until Friday, the first act as development director is setting up a meeting with Charles Davenport, the President of the Board of Trustees and Julia Smithe a board member and the only acting member of the development committee. Davenport and Smithe are the only members of the Board of Trustees who are actively engaged in the Loquium Institute and its mission. Since they are active in the involvement of the organization and fundraising they will have information regarding how the organization operates and perhaps ideas on how to best move forward with engaging the other board members to participate more in the organization. Temple et. al. (2011) states that it is important to have an “involved and committed governing board, prepared to make personally significant commitments of time and fund” (pg. 82). It is vital to having the entire board actively engaged in order to move forward with the capital campaign the president wants to initiate.
Ethical Issues There are a few potential ethical issues at hand in the case study. One previously mentioned was the instance of the request for an additional grant from the Multigreen Assets Foundation of $21,000. Once the development director meets with the President of the Board
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