Most Kids At The Age Of 12 Are In Middle School Learning

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Most kids at the age of 12 are in Middle School learning about science and math. However, in today’s adolescent life at the age of 12, when kids are barely even an adolescent, they are starting to use heroin. Heroin is increasingly spreading an outbreak throughout Long Island and it has become a widespread addiction that has many side effects. Heroin addiction has caused many overdoses, deaths and arrests. Ten years from now, this epidemic will get worse. There are ways we as a whole can help to recover from this outbreak. Such as treatment centers, education, and spreading awareness of the issue. Heroin is a semi-synthetic drug that’s made from an opium poppy seed. Once the seed blossoms, the flower petals drop and leave an egg-shaped…show more content…
A bag of heroin on Long Island costs somewhere about $10, meanwhile, the same amount of Vicodin sells for $30. Heroin is consumed by injection, smoking, or snorting. Nonetheless, the majority of users/abusers consume heroin from injection which can increase the risks of getting HIV of Hepatitis C. A few years ago, using two or three bags was considered a heavy user, but now the numbers have increased to about ten to fifteen bags per day as a normal intake amount.
Addiction refers to a person’s compulsive use of a drug despite the effects of being harmed by it. A chemical imbalance occurs in the brain and produce symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, fever, and diarrhea. The effects of taking the actual drug vary by way of consumption. When taken by injection, the effects kick in within 7 to 8 seconds; or within 10 minutes by snorting and smoking; the effects of heroin last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Heroin makes you feel intense pleasure, drowsiness, slurred speech, restricted pupils, confusion, nausea, pain relief, and reduced sexual. When the body can’t handle the effects of the drug, it leads to an overdose. To reverse the effects of an overdose, doctors use this drug called Naloxone, also known as Narcan, which saves thousands of lives yearly. ( (
The most popular places that heroin is being transported to the United States from today is Mexico and
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