Most People Watch T.V. As A Pastime, However, Many Do Not

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Most people watch T.V. as a pastime, however, many do not realize that there are several covert messages in the television programs that are watched. These messages are not necessarily bad; however, they are still present. Three programs were watched and viewed for their content. The three shows include Monk, Scandal, and Blackish; an older show that is no longer on air, and two current shows. As we have learned in class, the media tells us what is in. I think that there are many shows that render people of color in a bad light, but there are shows out there that are trying to debunk those stereotypes. The show Monk is no longer on air, and it used to be one of my favorites. However, after completing the worksheet attached I found that…show more content…
Perhaps this show was a tool in advancing the thought that women play a bigger part in life. Furthermore, from this episode, one can see that there is a fair balance of representation between the two different races. However, there is not a balance in gender and race portrayal. Another show, Blackish, created by Kenya Barris surrounds a middle to upper class African American family and their day to day lives. The show is a sitcom made for comedic relief, but still provides a pertinent message that can be applied to everyday life in each episode. In this episode, the main character, Dre creates an ad that he says will make his family rich. All his partners at his marketing company love the commercial, however after showing it to his family, his mother and wife point out the obvious flaws of the commercial. The commercial shows a rapper promoting a brand of drink, seemingly okay. The point of the commercial/drink is that one you pour it on something it changes to something better. In that commercial, there was a black woman and the rapper poured the drink on her and made her into a white woman. There were other things wrong with the commercial, but that alone is enough to unpack. First and foremost, this show is not necessarily the perfect example of a black household, because there are many different variations, but it is refreshing to see a black family that has it together. Where the father is present in every way, emotionally and physically. The children are the

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