Most Related To The Dust Bowl

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Jonathon L Carver
Ms. Murray
Lit Comp 9
13 March 2017
The Dust Bowl A Giant cloud of dust go roaring at you making you believe that the end of the world is happening. Luckily it wasn’t it was just a man made disaster of death and destruction. Suffocating any thing not in a house or in a shelter. So what in the world did America have to do to cause such a massive amount of dust to decide to just fly away. Sunday, April 14, 1935, the day that is probably the most related to the dustbowl, is known as the Black sunday (Dust bowl). It was caused by a mighty strong front that swept across the plains. Burns stated “Some 850 million tons of topsoil blew away in 1935 alone.” (Pbs) .The average american car only weighs about 2 tons,
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