Most Significant Challenge Analysis

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The most significant challenge I have ever faced was staying focused on my school work and getting things done when they needed to be. When I got into high school, I had a hard time getting focused because of all the distractions around me like sports, new friends, and new events to go to. I eventually figured out how to balance everything out but this challenge has definitely changed the way I am in order for me to be who I am today. Staying focused in school is very important in your academic career obviously, so at times it would greatly affect my academic achievement because I never performed to my highest potential. There were so many things that I could've done better on, but because I didn't give it the time of day and just left…show more content…
Before this challenge I would get half B’s on my report card and the other half A’s, but since I realized I could do better, it’s rare to see a B on my report card. I learned that
Southard 2 school is the most important and that I need to get that done before I go and do something else. Sports at the time was very big to me and that was my main priority in front of school, but I realized that it could only take me so far and that I would need the grades to back me up. I don't do sports anymore and so it gives me even more time to focus on my schoolwork. When I was going through this challenge of realizing I needed to focus on my work, I was alone in it. My parents were proud of my report card because I never got bad grades, they just weren't up to my par. In this situation I really didn't need help or support through it because it was all up to me to change the way I think so nobody needed to be involved with it. I was able to get through it on my own so clearly it shows that I was completely fine going through it alone. How my life changed because of this challenge was it gave me more potential to get into a great college and for great colleges to notice me. It shows my peers that I am a smart girl and it shows my teachers that I am a great
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