Most Significant Event Report

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The significant event that occurred to me was my ninth birthday. The event was very special to me because I am Muslim; and when a Muslim girl turns nine she wears the hijab. My mother threw a big party for me; she made the party at the Mosque. My mother took me to the hairstylist before going to my party. I was so happy getting my hair done because all my Muslim friends were going to be at the party; and see how nice I look. Also, my mother dressed me up like a princess; and in that time, I felt like a princess. When I was in the mosque all the attention was on me. I was sitting in the front where all the people in the mosque can see me. I was so shy because I was not use to all of the attention. A lady came standing beside and was talking…show more content…
When I started to wear the hijab, I was very excited and nerves about the hijab. The reason why I was very excited to wear the hijab was because most of my Muslim friends were wearing the hijab; and my mother always talks about the hijab. Also, I was very nerves to wear the hijab because my school did not have many Muslim girls that wear the hijab. I told my dad to talk to my teachers about my hijab; and I told my dad to tell the teacher to tell the students to not pick on me, or bully me because of the hijab. I remember the first day I want to school with my hijab; I was very afraid and anxious to go to school. I thought that my friends were not going to be my friend because of my hijab. But, I was very shocked when I went to school because my teachers were so supportive; and that I found out that my teacher talked to the students about my hijab before I went to school. I was grateful about the kindness of the teacher. The students in my class treated me the same way they always treat me, and my friends were very supportive. Also, my dad showed up to my classroom with a cake. The classroom singed happy birthday to me, and took pictures with
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