Most Significant Events in History- 1950-1990

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Over the past 50 years there has been a constant series of events that have significantly changed the future of America. This course specifically focused on the American Experience since 1945. Topics such as the Cold War, McCarthyism, Civil Rights and the Vietnam War all put in to place a chain of events that have made our country what it is today. This paper will review a few of the social, economic and political events between 1950 through 1990 that had a powerful impact on the American people and their decade. 1950’s Cold War Ideology, McCarthyism and Eisenhower’s politics Cold War ideology crystallized after the end of World War II. During this war the US had alliances with Britain and Russia. Postwar the US was slowly able to…show more content…
This would allow the government to fund businesses therefore creating more jobs. He also pushed for an ease in anti trust restrictions as well as grant investment credits and tax breaks. (Murphy 2007) All these policies were supposed to benefit new businesses. This would allow them to not only create jobs but offer a decent salary. The end product did result in more jobs however there was the expectation that higher wages would be paid out. The Civil Rights Movement was a result of the struggles Minorities faced during a time when black laborers were unable to find work due to the national level of minimum wage being raised. Many employers where reserving jobs with higher wages to whites thus forcing many black people out of work.(Davison et al., 2005) There were many events that created the frame work for the civil rights move moment. Thurgood Marshall and Gus Garcia catapulted the civil rights movement by volunteering to be the legal voice of Black and Mexican-American people. Brave people such as Rosa Parks, little Ruby, and the women who constructed the bus boycott all took a stand but Thurgood Marshall and Gus Garcia were able to translate these frustrations in a court of law to get legally protected results. Even though the Civil Rights movement was underway, there was still political unrest, and a clear generation shift. Many people were set in the mind frame of free thinking and sought to challenge the rules. The war put a many

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