Most Significant Student Diversities In The Classroom

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Classrooms are getting more and more diverse. The most significant student diversities include: cultural, linguistic, that involving exceptionalities, and socioeconomic status. Because of these diversities in the classroom, students are on different academic, social and physical levels. In order for teachers to make a lesson more responsive for all students in their classroom, it is important for the teacher to take the time to learn the culture, history, backgrounds, and traditions of all the represented groups in their classroom. Teachers can teach students to understand and appreciate their own and others’ cultural heritages by incorporating such content in their lessons. Also, by understanding students’ strengths and contributions of individuals…show more content…
She does not complete her assignments, pay attention in class, or perform on grade level. Challenges that she faces due to her low socioeconomic statue include: more responsibilities at home because parents are working more hours, lack of having basic needs met, fewer resources and opportunities, less supervision at home or help with assignments. To help her be successful academically, teachers can identify Arlene’s specific needs and find services and organizations to link her to in order for her to get those basic needs met. Arlene will be more successful in school if her teach has a structured and organized classroom because lack of classroom management will increase stress for students that already have highly stressful lives. Teachers can also provide a safe classroom environment so students will not feel fear or threatened. Teachers can also use evidence-based practices to maximize a student’s learning because they may be lacking resources and support from home that causes them to fall behind. All students need motivation, but especially students like Arlene because they don’t receive much positive reinforcement from home. Students that have low socioeconomic backgrounds need relationships with teachers, so their strengths and interests can be discovered in order to make learning
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