Most Subjective Form Of Human Progression

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Discovery is humanity’s most subjective form of human progression. Discovery is not validation of man’s evolution, but a testament to man’s ignorance and limitations. From the “discovery” of the new world to the “discovery” of the Earth being spherical, the achievements in discovery mask the reality of man’s flaws in relation to nature. Concurrently, in science and in medicine, discovery has seemingly lost its subjectivity because due to the scientific method, discovery is not merely coincidence, but logical inevitabilities. However, the crux of the argument is that research practices predetermine a favorable outcome, not an objective conclusion. The subjectification of outcomes through “scientific” means is exemplified in the modern-day science of genetics and the genesis of genetic disease. The apex of such research revolves around Alzheimer’s disease and the potential cure for it. The opposing factions, regarding finding the cure for the disease, both agree that in the discovery origins of the disease also lies the key to cure genetic diseases. Yet, the deviating claims of disease origin converge on two claimed points of genesis, genetics or genomics, with both offering absolute scientific conclusion that support both. How can both sides present objective scientific data that cements their side as being correct when the opposing side has just as much data and correctness in their claim?…show more content…
genomics debate about Alzheimer’s consequently highlights the larger problem that is the subjectification and guided practice that leads to pointed and incomplete conclusions and
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