Mosul Administration Case Study

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Restoring hope to a nation destroyed In April 2003, the Iraqi city of Mosul located in the Nineveh Province was in a disastrous state from the war and from all the looting, that the local populous had engaged in. The 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles) was the premier division in charge of restoring the city. During this time, the city was without electricity, water or a sanitation system. Mosul leaders, teachers, and ministers were nowhere in sight. At this time, the economy was completely diminished. Major General David Petraeus was entrusted to restore any type of society or democracy for the people of the city. “Mission Command is the exercise of authority and direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined…show more content…
He took all critical info that COLONEL Anderson afforded him and utilized what he knew of Mosul, (the analysis of operational variables) into METT-TC (Mission, Enemy, Terrain and Weather, Troops and support available, Time available and Civil Consideration) in order to plan for his task. Because the 101st did not have to fight their way into Mosul, he was able to focus primarily on the rebuild. The Mission at hand was to occupy Mosul, secure the objective, stabilize, and restore. The enemy in the area was not a prevalent enemy. Terrain, weather was considered and the use of troops was viable. The time in order to accomplish the mission was not clear, but Gen Petraeus knew that he was to get everything rolling and turn it over to the Iraqi people to sustain. In civil considerations, there are many questions to consider? Who are the civilian leaders in that area? What type manmade infrastructures are usable? What type of organizations could assist in the rebuild? It was now that General Petraeus was able to conceptualize an operational approach and work towards his…show more content…
General Petraeus found out that Mosul had deep religious connection, he also found out it was the center of nationalism and had prominent history of military leadership. Thousands of Generals were native to the city of Mosul. Secondly, who controlled what? He wanted to meet with some retired Iraqi Generals so he called a meeting. During the town hall, a contract was generated between the Iraqi Generals and Petraeus to restore normalcy. General Petraeus demonstrated collective Leadership in joining forces with local Generals in order to better their nation and to put some onus on them. Next, he helped them establish a government utilizing the concept of elections. Petraeus knew this was the route to take in order to empower the people of Mosul and give them a voice in rebuilding their society. Election Day in Mosul was on 5
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