Mother-Child Relationship

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The Impact a Mother-Child Relationship Has On Identity
As our individual lives progress we learn that the choices we make contribute to who we become. The places we go, the people we meet, and the pains we endure are some of the many things that shape us into who we are. The influence on our individuality begins at a much earlier age with the first person we meet, our mother. The negative effects of a mother-child relationship impact an individual significantly. The psychological experiences from the relationship follow the individual from adolescence into adulthood and determine how the individual perceives life. The mother-child relationship is the only relationship one can have before entering the world. Since the sperm fertilized
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If there is no trust in the home, the child will not know how to carry that out and put trust into other relationships. “Consistent with their concerns for safety and security, prevention-focused people are more inclined to attend to and recall events signaling the presence or absence of negative outcomes, experience negative outcomes more intensely and with more agitation, and experience positive outcomes with lower intensity and more quiescence-related emotions.” said by Heike A. Winterheld who is head of the department of Psychology at Cal State University, East Bay. If the mother doesn’t create a loving secure environment for her children it will be difficult for them to ever find love on their own. Low levels of marital satisfaction have also been linked to broader classes of disorders, including mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders (South, Kruger, and Locono 2011). Their first intimate relationship is with their mother. The mother teaches the child what love is like and how to reciprocate it. The child will gather their own interpretations from it based on their surroundings and peer pressures, but no influence is as strong as the mother’s. If the child sees dysfunction around them, they are most likely to carry that out into their own relationships. The famous saying was that “a man will treat his wife as he does his mother”, the love that channels towards her is the same love he will give to his wife.
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