Mother-Daughter Relationships In Alice Walker's 'Drenched In Light'

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“Girl Drenched in Light”:
A (Re) examination of Black Mother/Daughter Relationships in “Drenched in Light”, in Comparison to “Girl” Through a Womanist Theoretical Lens Mother daughter dynamics take different forms, the mother may be bold, and outspoken, while the daughter can take on the role of being meek and obedient due to the mothers overbearing personality. However, in some mother/daughter relationships roles can be switched where the daughter is outspoken, and the mother is more reserved. Short stories such as, Girl by Jamaica Kincaid, and Drench in Light, by Alice Walk are examples of these two dynamics. Both short stories share similar themes of mother/daughter relationships. The purpose of this essay is to make a parallel comparison between Girl, and Drenched in Light to determine which character is Womanist regarding identity, image in society, and purpose.
Alice Walker compares Womanism to a Feminism by saying “Womanist is to Feminist as purple is to lavender”. Walker is defining Womanism as a woman that is confident, bold, and outspoken in who she is. The lavender and purple reference that Walker uses creates the focus of the Womanist theory, which is Africa American women. The Womanist theory could be exemplified in Drenched in Light, and Girl, because of the themes revolving around mother/daughter relationships in the black community. The reader can infer which character is closely related to the Womanist theory based on their tone and traits shown in the story.
Drenched in Light by Alice Walker was written in 1924 as tribute to the Harlem Renaissance. What makes the story unique is that it is told from a child’s perspective, who is named, Isis. When Drenched in Light was written, white people viewed black children as savages, Isis was profiled as one of these children. Isis was raised by her grandmother, who was conservative and strict when disciplining Isis. Due to her grandmother’s strict discipline Isis would always seek ways to rebel. Isis had a curious and adventures mind in addition to finding her identity as a child. If a child is curious about who they are, they will act curious and explore the unknown. Isis was also very happy and had an optimistic outlook about things. The

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