Mother, I Have Scored Good Results At My School Final Exam

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Meera: Mother, I have scored good results in my school final exam. I want to study further.
Meera’s mother: What is the point of further studies for you? You should focus on housework and cooking so that you can be a good wife
My friend, Meera, could not study further after school. Now her life is full of regret and disappointment. However, her family supported her brother in his studies and he has a successful life. This contrast between two life stories illustrates how society presents different option for boys and girls resulting in reduced entitlement for women in society- a “gender gap”.
Without gender equality there can be no equal growth. Gender equality benefits not only women, but the entire society as the whole society becomes more productive. “Women now represent more than 40 percent of the global labor force, 43 percent of the agricultural workforce, and more than half of the world’s university students.” A World Bank report shows that although women constitute half of the farmers in six sub-Saharan countries their productivity is less than that of men. If such a massive part of the economy has reduced productivity, it drags the whole economy. Also, lack of diversity in companies, due to reduced gender participation, makes them less able to deal effectively.
Further, gender equality can be transformative across generations. Increased wealth to women improves children’s health and education.
Gender inequality manifests in different forms in developed economies
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