Mother Jones Speaks to Striking Coal Miners

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Mother Jones Speaks to Striking Coal Miners August 15, 1912 “I live in the Untied States, but I do not know exactly where. My address is wherever there is a fight against oppression…. My address is like my shoes: it travels with me.… I abide where there is a fight against wrong,” remarked Mary Jones in her infamous speech, “Mother Jones Speaks to Striking Coal Miners”, on August 15, 1912 as she addressed William E. Glasscock, Governor of the State of West Virginia (Jones 69). Mary Harris Jones, benevolently known as Mother Jones, dedicated her life to the inequalities that coal miners and children faced during this era. Despite her many hardships she took a stand for making a progressive change. Mother Jones, a motivation speaker and…show more content…
You know that. They have a good place for their dogs and a slave to take care of them. The mine owners’ wives will take the dogs up, and say, “I love you, dea-h.” My friends the day for petting dogs is gone; the day for raising children to a nobler manhood and better womanhood is here!” b. “I have worked, boys, I have worked with you for years. I have seen the suffering children, and, in order to be convinced, I went into the mines on the night shift and day shift and helped the poor wretches to load coal at times,” described Mother Jones (Jones 3). D. Analysis of Memorable Quotation 1. “O you men of wealth! O you preachers! You are going over to China and sending money over there for Jesus. For God’s sake, keep it at home; we need it,” emphasized Mother Jones (Jones 3). 2. This quote is important because it foreshadows the uprising of the oppressed against the master class. V. Analysis of the consequences and effects A. The short-term affect was that Mother Jones was able to unify the coal miners to stand up against their oppressors. 1. They boycotted to change the current working conditions that they were facing. 2. She made a collection for the miners that came from afar. The group that made that donation were people that were struggling financially but found it in their heart to help other coal miners with similar situations. B. The long-term affect took place as
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