Mother Teres The Life And Dignity Of The Human Person

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Vander Mel 1 Christian Vander Mel Mr. Sagona Eighth Grade Religion May 18, 2015 Mother Teresa: The Life and Dignity of the Human Person Life and dignity of a human person is the basis for all Catholic Social Teaching. Mother Teresa embodied this statement throughout her entire life as she served the poorest of the poor throughout the world. Mother Teresa built schools to teach, hospitals to cure, orphanages to love, and hospice homes to comfort. All of these projects were based on the Catholic Church’s proclamation “ human life is sacred and the dignity of the human person is the foundation of society.” ( ) By establishing Missionaries of Charity in 1948, which served society 's poor and marginalized, Mother Teresa influenced world leaders by living the social teachings of the Catholic Church. Mother Teresa grew up in a very loving family that was committed to their Catholic faith. Her mother always told her children that they should never eat a bite of food without sharing it with another. Mother Teresa recalls that her mother often invited the poor of the their town to come and dine with her family. Her mother’s commitment to the needy was deep rooted. She didn’t waver from this commitment even after her husband died leaving her with three young children including Teresa, who was only eight years old. This family commitment to serve among many experiences in her homeland of Macedonia is what set the stage for Mother Teresa’s life of charity. In

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