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Mother Teresa People all over the wold are suffering because they are very poor and struggling to stay alive. They need help and someone noticed it, as mother teresa was growing up she became more and more interested in helping them. She was willing to set up charities and homes. Teresa helped the sick, the orphans, the poor, the shelterless, and the mentally ill. Today we will be talking about how mother Teresa's early life, how she dedicated her life to the poor, and her legacy. For 75 years Mother Teresa helped others and saved thousands and thousands of lives.
Those lives she could not save she tried her best to save them. For starters, mother teresa's childhood was very difficult. Mother Teresa was born on August
27, 1910 in Skopje,
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Foundation awards for having missions in London, England, and New York" (Mother Teresa Encyclopedia) . "In 1950
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Teresa created a foundation called the Mission of Charities, what the mission of charities does is send people to help the ones who need help" (Facts About Mother Teresa Power Blog). Teresa had over two hundred and fifty operations in twenty five different countries. Teresa was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace and with all of Teresa's effort sweat and tears she put into her work a shelter for the homeless, poor, sick, mentally ill, or orphans upended in Cuba. In
1991 Teresa returned home and there were 168 homes operating in India. Teresa set up another home in Tirana which is the capitol. In 1980's Teresa's health took a turn for the worst. Teresa had been trying to cut back on her duties so she didn't wear herself out not that her health was getting bad. In 1989 Teresa had a near death experience when she had a heart attack. "Sister Nirmala was elected to be the new leader of the Missionaries of Charity, it was an 8 week leg election process after Teresa stepped down" (Mother Teresa Legacy). In August Teresa turned 87 and shortly after her
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