Mother To Son By Langston Hughes Summary

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Langston Hughes wrote the poem “Mother to Son” in December of 1922. This poem is not only an excellent piece of work; it is a life lesson for all of us to learn about.
I believe that this poem is important because this mother lays life out for her son instead of making him believe that life is a ray of sunshine. It pretty much starts out with “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” in line two. The “crystal stair” is the way people look at you. During this time period, it was not uncommon that people looked you up and down for the way you dressed, or your common lifestyle. It is sad to say that still today we treat one another just the same. In the world we live in I do not blame this mother for not wanting her son to grow up in a bubble of a life, to realize that
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Even when your life is “Bare” you can still keep going even if that means going alone. As the mother said, “For I’se still goin’ honey” (7) (18). This poem expresses the hardships of routine life for many common people, but at the time this was composed it was not usual to hear about anyone’s struggles even if it were common knowledge. Langston Hughes wanted the readers to learn that it is ok to struggle because everyone does it, believe it or not. He wanted everyone to take from this experience in “Mother to Son” to show that struggles in life are not to hold you back, but only to make you try harder. Hughes says in lines nine through thirteen “I’se been a-climbin’ on, And reachin’ landin’s, and turnin’ corners, and sometimes goin’ in the dark. So boy, don’t you turn back”. This portion of the poem really stands out to because I can turn it around and relate it to college and the point of life I am at. I am a sophomore living away from home struggling to stay above water with schoolwork, managing work hours, and keeping a
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