Mother Tongue, By Amy Tan, And The Memoirs Of A Rebel Princess

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The two writings Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan, and The Memoirs of a Rebel Princess, by Abida Sultaan, were able to reach me and affect me as an audience through their tone and purpose (Jack and Pryal 2016). Both of these stories are literacy narratives, thus the authors are writing about their own experiences of learning to read and to write. Each of these stories depicts the difficulties these authors endured before they were able to successfully accomplish their education. Every piece of writing has a purpose and reason, the goal of the message which the author wishes to express and communicate. Mother Tongue and Memoirs of a Rebel Princess share the same general purpose, simply to inform about the situation of their education, and how they were deprived on this matter (Jack and Pryal 2016). However, even with the same purpose, each of these writings portrays a different story and experience. The tones which Tan and Sultaan use in their stories differ, as they each are writing about different experiences while expressing their feelings (Jack and Pryal 2016). The tone of Abida Sultaan’s The Memoirs of a Rebel Princess, begins with hatred and dread for learning. This is because of the harsh method her grandmother took in teaching the young girl (7). This tone continues through the story, and Sultaan’s attitude towards learning leads to her resistance and small rebellions towards her grandmother’s demands. Further into the story, Sultaan transitions this tone from

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