Mother Who Money Can Buy Happiness

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Mother believed money can buy happiness. She worked two jobs as a seamstress, so I grew up with very little attention from my mother. She would come tired of the long hours, but still had to take care of me. Every day around 7:00 AM, my mother was gone. Quite frequently, I will heard her entering through door around 9:00 PM. My father was a cook at multiple Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, and he would work about 10 hours a day. (It was tough for my parents to generate income with limited education) If my family only had financial problems, I probably won’t have grown up with much psychological and emotional trauma. My father always seem angry and acted extra harsh on me. He was anxious and stressed out, but he knew had to stay focus for the family. My father has held me to very high standards ever since Whitney went through her metamorphosis at around 16 years old (That was the time, my sister had to drop out of highschool). If I had done something bad in that house, whether it was by accident, I would have earn a brutal beating. I hated father for the times he threw my bowl of rice to the floor, leaving me without dinner. What stings the most was when he dragged my ear, and then called me a useless bastard and an undeserving child. He would beat me with a broom or try to scare me with a knife in hand. I would run to the basement to hide, and he will let me stay there crying. The basement was the barrier that separated my father from beating me.
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