Mother and Eric

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Eric Birling quotation’s Point: The first description of Eric is shown in the stage directions when said Evidence:“In his early twenties, not quite at ease, half shy, half assertive” Explanation: in this quotation we learn more about the character Eric “early twenties” suggests that he is young and has a lot to look forward to in life. The word “half shy half assertive” suggests that Eric could be feeling awkward within the celebration of his sisters Sheila’s engagement also it could mean that he has mood swings. Overall this quotation indicates the audience that he might be dunk. Point: Eric seems to know how to talk to members in his family as when he says Evidence: “Mother said” Explanation: In this quotation we see that Eric…show more content…
The word “we all helped” suggests that he does not want to let Mrs and Mr Birling get away with them thinking they had nothing to do with Eva’s death. The word “killed” makes me fell that the Birling family are murderers and coming from Eric this shows that he accepts the blame and also regrets it, the word also connotes death, anger. Overall we can see that Eric has changed into being a boy that is shy and quiet grown into a boy that is strong and independent. The audience watching this in 1945 will have respect for Eric as he is not hiding away from the truth and accepts his part and wants to make sure everyone else in the family accepts it too. Priestley in this quotation tells us to take responsibility for our own actions. Point: Eric seems to face his father and tells him how he really feels. Evidence: “Because you’re not the kind of father a chap could go to when he is in trouble” Explanation: In this quotation we can see that Eric does not have a close relationship with his father. The word “you’re not the kind of father” suggests that Birling to Eric hasn’t really been a good father figure for him. Also he seems to have much more strength then he did when he was very polite and respectful to Birling “yes please” Overall Eric Seems to have much more authority within the family and does stand
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