Mother 's Tears : My Mother

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Mother’s Tears My mother is the one that I always look up to. Her personality, her behavior, and her knowledge seem to be perfect. I tried to imitate her actions when I was young, but instead of praise, she would always find more mistakes in my choices. She was not a housewife, and nothing like a housewife when we lived in China. She used to come home very late, never drunk but very tired and stressed out. When I was in third grade, my father came to the United States and worked here alone for three years. Those are probably the hardest years in my family. My mother was left in China to face my grandfather’s death and taking care of our extended family all by herself. If I was a little bit older back then, I would understand how harsh…show more content…
My grandmother lived with us and she kept the house tidy all the time, so the stairs were not dirty at all. I found a hint of my mother’s bad temper and realized it was not a smart choice to talk to her any longer.
“Mom I am sorry, I will go to bed right now.” I knew nothing can be done tonight so I wanted to escape from the punishment.
Usually my mom would just send me off to bed, but that night, she was in a really bad mood. She yelled at me: “I know you are lying. Now! Go mop the stairs! Start from the fourth floor down, I will check after I shower.”
My grandmother walked out from her door and tenderly said to my mom: “It is very late at night already. It is really cold too. Let her rest and I will clean the stairs tomorrow.”
“Mother, do not spoil her anymore, she stayed up late just to annoy me!” My mom turned around and said to me: “You can only use a rag. Do not go to sleep before I am satisfied with your work.”
I was about to start crying, but I stopped myself. I thought crying in front of my mother and grandmother was really embarrassing, so I went up to the fourth floor and started my work without another
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