Essay on Mother vs. Son

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Mother vs. Son

When thinking of conflict, many think of violence or hate. Although, according to Wilmot and

Hocker, conflict is simply a “struggle over values and claims to scarce status, power, and resources in

which the aims
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In our Mother-son relationship, when Mom is upset with me, she will suggest disapproving

comments of my habits. She might criticize me about leaving the house and not washing dirty dishes, or

mention “if you see the trash needs to be taking out, do it!” While these are justified remarks,

subconsciously, my response is “why can’t you do it yourself”. This action followed by a reaction of

aggression and then avoidance. Escalatory spirals involves communication where there seems to be an

endless cycle of arguing, leading nowhere, but causing damage to the relationship (Hocker & Wilmot,

Despite the fact that what my Mother saids is true, how she voices these statements affects our

relationship. While there are not many things said that will hurt my ego, comments in this regard causes

me to question my performance as a son. Even if this is only an attempt at “hitting below the belt”, her

criticism creates not only interpersonal conflict between us, but also, produces intrapersonal conflict

inside me. An initiation of intrapersonal conflict bringing me to lose sight of how to resolve our

disagreement, leaving confusion on how did I allow myself to reach this point (Hocker & Wilmot, pp.12).

As our conflict begins escalatory
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