Motherhood In 'Push And Why I Write'

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The works “Push” and “Why I Write” use the theme of motherhood to both, request a change from society, and also as an illustration of growth and development for the characters. The foundation of motherhood is shown to be a catalyst that commences the change in the characters. For Precious motherhood may be part of what helps save her for becoming the same as her mother. In the work “Why I Write” the author expresses that she is a mother, and she voices that her daughter is a reason for her writing and calling for change. The work “Push” uses the theme of motherhood in a few ways, nonetheless for Precious becoming a mother to her son fuels her desire to learn. Precious not only wants to learn for her self, but also so that she can teach her …show more content…

The reader watches Rosa become enraged when she is literally chained up by her father, he obviously loves her and is doing it to help her get over her addiction. The Reader also observes Rosa as she uses her strong desire to get free to empower her to become more cunning in her attempts to gain freedom. She fakes sweetness and sorrow, but when she is denied freedom she shows her true desires again. Even before she is saved by her father, she is so driven by her need for drugs she was willing to put her own body in jeopardy. In the end the true moment when she is empowered in a good way, is when she begins to feel tempted by her yearning for crack, however she uses the chain as her safety net and withstands her overwhelming need for drugs, however she is overcome when Jesus shows up in person after she has gown through the full withdrawal period. The end is perhaps meant to empower the readers to ask the question what can be done to save a girl like Rosa, and hopefully cause a change in …show more content…

The main character Janie is maybe notably empowered by the death of her second husband Joe. Janie is empowered, by her use of her voice, to finally tell Joe on his deathbed how she truly feels about how he behaved towards her. The act of telling him all that she was displeased with endowed her with the ability to not loose hope for finding the love she always dreamed of. The reader roots for Janie and hopes she doesn’t fall in with a man again for anything less than love. Teacake, Janie’s third husband, also empowers Janie, because he doesn’t fully treat her like the other men in her past. He allows her to be herself and speak her mind much more than her other husbands did. Janie is also able to empower her best friend Phoeby to want more from her relationship with her own husband. She achieves this by telling Phoeby the story of her great love for Teacake, and explains how alive she was when she was with him. Pheoby is significantly moved by Janie’s love story affecting that she expresses her own desire to go fishing with her husband. She says she is so moved she will defend Janie’s behaviors when the other neighbors start talking about

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