Motherhood Is A Successful Woman

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In the 21st century, the equality of women is increasing and being encouraged by many. Where a woman must be able to balance her job, children, and marriage is mostly often seen as being a successful women. Statistics show the opposite. You do not have to balance a job, children, and marriage to be a successful woman. Surveys and statistics show that women are also successful if they stay at home and dedicate all their time to the formation and education of their children. Sadly, the role of motherhood that was held sacred is little by little falling away and disappearing. Many centuries ago, motherhood was held sacred, going all the way back to the times of Jesus. Motherhood should still be held sacred in the age we live in today. The mother of Jesus is a great model for mothers to follow as she formed and educated her son Jesus. Sacred scriptures and a most recent pope that was just canonized a saint, tell us about how motherhood is really sacred. St. Joseph is a great example for a father to follow as St. Joseph was a carpenter and a hard worker. St. Joseph thought Jesus how to work and Mary thought Jesus faith and morals. At a home where there is a father and a mother figure, it is better for the mother to stay home and for the father to go out and work. Childhood is the most important part of a child’s life. It is important that the child has a mother figure present, who gives their child love and guidance as they grow up to prevent any problems in the future. Pope

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