Motherhood and Work among Canadian Women

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The finding was drawn from retrospective data obtained from Statistics Canada's 2001 General Social Survey on family history. It used the responses of 24,310 individuals older than 15 years old in 10 Canadian provinces, excluding Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The data collected and analyzed were on their work and family histories, their marriages and families. These data allowed an analysis of the women's conjugal and parental situations and their entry and exit from the labor market throughout their lifespan. These were women born between 1937 and 1976 (Pacaut et al). Past researches either supported or opposed the perceived incompatibility between motherhood and employment (Pacaut et al, 2012). This study revealed an increase in work interruption among women who began working before having children. It also showed a big decline in the gap that separates women with children and those without. The study concluded that changing attitudes towards mothers' work did not appear to ease the balance of work and motherhood. These attitudes include the availability of daycare…
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