Mothers : A Documentary Film

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Pregnant in America is a documentary film that focuses on mothers preferring a natural birth, fetal and maternal mortality, and the health care system. The documentary film is about a couple named Steve Buonaugurio and Mandy Buonaugurio, who are expecting their first child name Bella. By traveling across the United States and Europe they learn about hospitals, doctors, the insurance companies, home births and midwives. As the couple traveled, they interviewed experts which lead them to find out shocking realities about women who have given birth in a hospital setting. Throughout their journey they learn that cesarean section has increased in the United States from 7% in 1975 to today being 30%. The shocking reality they came across is that mothers are being pushed to have a cesarean section when it comes to delivering the baby. Not only are mothers pushed to having a cesarean section, but they are giving birth on a scheduled date, since having a scheduled birth is what works best for doctors. The increased in mothers having cesarean section is also due to insurance companies. A couple who previously had a cesarean section to deliver their first child were told by their insurance company that costs for a natural birth would not be covered since they would only cover the costs of a cesarean section. While the expecting couple keeps traveling they find out that epidural – an injection of drugs into the epidural space of the spine to create a loss of sensation in a woman’s lower
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