Mothers About Postpartum Depression

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Since several mothers are hesitant in disclosing their illness; Researchers have attempted to solve the issue by providing treatment that does not require them to do that. Programs such as the MumMoodBooster, were designed by researchers to provide accessible cognitive behavioral therapy through the internet. The program included a “highly interactive partner website, and [was] supported by low-intensity telephone coaching” (Milgrom et. al 1). The intervention programs have a series of sessions that provided activities and a “library” that contained information and resources for guidance in the postpartum period. These sessions were proven to be efficient and helpful as “86% [of women] completed all six sessions” (Milgrom et. al 45). The program…show more content…
Since mothers are unaware of what postpartum depression is, this creates internal stigma as they believe that they are bad mothers for feeling this way. However, with knowledge, this can diminish internal stigma and eventually help mothers to overcome the fear of not seeking professional help. The information tab will provide a brief summary of explanations researchers have about the causes of postpartum depressions such as identifying the biological and psychosocial factors that influence it. Links from credible news websites will be implemented in the tab to provide the latest news concerning postpartum depression and encourage mothers to seek professional help. In addition, I plan to add the link, a website that is dedicated to providing information and advice in parenting and the prenatal period. With this tab enforced, mothers can access reliable information and know that the condition they are going through not something that should be buried and taken…show more content…
The purpose of the second information tab is to persuade them, not pressure for them because most of these mothers are already pressured by expectations of what they should be doing as a mother. This information tab will provide a brief summary of why seeking professional help or visiting a doctor for further help. Not a while ago, a Panel was recommending that mothers should be screened after childbirth to detect mothers for depression. According to the Panel, the screening helps detect what scale a mother’s depression is and whether if it is clinical. If a mother receives screening, the doctor can detect if she is clinically ill and needs further treatment from health professionals than just receiving advice from an app. It is not guaranteed that the app can help a mother overcome a major depressive disorder, which is why the app will encourage mothers to see a doctor if they presume that their depression actually needs more
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