Mothers And Daughters Have Those Typical Mother Daughter Talks

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Most mothers and daughters have those typical mother-daughter talks. You can compare them to a rite of passage that continues for a period of time. The goal is to gain a closer bond between the two females. Every once in a while, a mother will sit down with her daughter and they will talk about anything. The topics can range from boys to advice or just describing your day. A mother isn 't supposed to be your best friend, that 's not her role. She is a confidant or a great listener who unconditionally loves you. My mother possesses those qualities; they just aren 't usually put to use. Each time we have our mother-daughter talks they tend to be at the weirdest times: while driving me to dance practice, while doing my hair, when I 'm trying to go to bed, etc. There is nothing wrong with that. I know my mom is really busy. Between finishing work projects at home, cooking dinner and raising five kids (I 'm including my father and our two dogs), this woman doesn 't get a moment to herself. So, our mother-daughter talks turn out to be unconventional, at least compared to television examples and what my friends talk about. I don 't mind though. Our uniqueness makes our talks much more memorable.
For example, our unforgettable first mother-daughter talk. It was a late Tuesday night in September. My six-year-old brother was already asleep, my dad was downstairs watching TV, and my mother was doing my hair for my 7th grade picture day. As per usual, we waited until the night before

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