Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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4 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
Hallmark and FTD have made a fortune on gift buying for mom on Mother’s Day, but it might be time to move away from the standard bouquet of flowers and the frilly, glittery card and embrace some new gift ideas. Mother’s Day is officially and unofficially recognized in most countries worldwide. Whether or not it is called Mother’s Day depends upon the country celebrating it. One thing is true no matter where you are, and that is that mothers are honored and given gifts like flowers from their children and grandchildren. As evidenced by statistics from AT&T, more long distance phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.
Since mother is such an important figure in your life, maybe you should break away from tradition and give her a gift that is not flowers and candy.

1 - Gift Baskets
There are any number of websites devoted to creating and sending a gift basket to mom or grandmom, but they lack the personalization that comes from creating one from scratch. It does not take a lot of money to create a basket, and you may even end up saving money by doing it yourself.
Baskets are readily available at any craft or big box store in the gardening section. They are normally constructed of wicker or a woven material and come in a huge selection of sizes. You can tailor the basket to match your mom’s personality or her hobbies.
If your mom loves to plant flowers, put seeds, tools, gardening tip booklets, gift certificates…
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