Mothers Deliver Their Babies Vaginally Or Through A Cesarean Section

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New moms endure stress in attending to a newborn, but after such an intense labor it is crucial to make caring for themselves a priority. Mothers deliver their babies vaginally or through a Cesarean section, although similarities are present in caring for both, differences do arise. During childbirth they undergo excruciating circumstances no matter which form of delivery they experience. Vaginal birth is described as the “natural” from of delivery in which the baby enters the world through the vagina. A Cesarean section, also known as C-section, is defined as a surgical procedure to deliver the baby through an incision made on the abdomen. Incisions made during delivery are dependent on how the baby was born. Returning to normal after…show more content…
Vaginal delivery stiches dissolve on their own within ten days, making a Cesarean incision increasingly more difficult to attain. If the staples entail removal, a trip to the doctor is required to eradicate them without harm. Vaginal delivery doesn’t always entail an incision, but an episiotomy is performed majority of the time. It is possible to tear the perineum if an episiotomy is not performed, needing stiches to repair the tear. It is important to care for the stitched perineum, as it’s possible to contract an infection like a Cesarean incision. An article I read stated, “to help heal your perineum, keep the area as clean and dry as possible” (“Vaginal”). Flushing the area with a spray bottle of fresh water is suggested, followed by properly drying it, after each bathroom visit. The main care instruction for life after labor is to keep the openings as clean and as sanitary as possible. Although C-section and Vaginal delivery incisions are on different regions of the body and require diverse treatment, washing the incisions with soap and warm water is a must in order to heal correctly. Giving birth is an intense process which, unfortunately, causes misery in the aftermath. After delivery, both types of childbirth produce pain, site and intensity of the pain determine medications needed. Location of the incisions being in different areas is what causes the pain to be dissimilar for a Cesarean and vaginal childbirth.
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