Mother's Role As A Nurse

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I shadowed at Holland Hospital on Thursday October 15. I shadowed Dawn Overbeek, an RN in the Boven Birth Center, Labor & Delivery Unit. It is my nurse job to take care of the women when they check in leading to their birth. She is responsible for monitoring the patient throughout her hospital stay; there is another nurse that is responsible for the newborn baby. When I arrived my nurse informed me that she had a patient who was currently in labor. She brought me into the room and explained to me the different things she needed to do. It was her responsibility to monitor heart rate of the patient and the unborn baby, take the patient’s blood pressure, document her findings every fifteen minutes, and to assist the patient in anything to make them more comfortable or contractions more bearable. Dawn demonstrated her role as a nurse towards the patient in many different ways. The most obvious role was Dawn being a direct care provider. While I was there I constantly saw Dawn reassessing her patient, asking if her patient needed anything, and guiding the patient through child labor. Another role Dawn demonstrated was being a change agent. The patient and her husband were currently going through a separation in their marriage and the patient was unsure if she wanted to give the newborn wristband to her husband or her mother. The husband kept pestering his wife about the wristband while we were in the room and finally Dawn, politely, explained to the husband that the decision to
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