Mothers Work Case

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1.What facts in this case appear to be the most important to you?
When I think about Mothers Work and the firing of one of their pregnant employees, Papageorge, what I find most alarming is that some members of Mothers Work management felt that she could not do her job efficiently because she was pregnant. I find this disheartening considering the founder of the company started the company while she was pregnant and marketed the company to working class, pregnant women. Another fact that I deem important would be that another member of the management team, be it lower, refused to fire Papageorge stating that it was against the law to do so. The same manager informed her that there were ways around the law and to fire her anyways. When
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I believe the publicity from this case has damaged the reputation of Mothers Work because even the suggestion of discrimination tarnishes the reputation of a company. Employees may not want to work for a company that they feel will discriminate against them. Investors may not want to invest in Mothers Work if they feel like they are a company that discriminates or has a bad public image. Women may choose to shop elsewhere because of the how Mothers Work chooses to treats their female employees.

3. What actions (if any) should Mothers Work, Inc. take? What message should the company send to the public? Who is Mothers Work’s target audience?
In my opinion Mothers Work needs to seriously and immediately address the issue. They needed to send an immediate announcement to all management that there will be diversity training. They needed to make public a flex schedule that is beneficial to pregnant employees and show that they support their employees. While their target audience may be their customers I will always love a quote from Richard Branson that I believes sums up who your audience should always be “take care of you employees and they will take care of your
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